Super Health Food

The Good Jerky!

        Fish Jerky? I honestly didn’t know it was a thing!  I am not a fan of fish, but I love Jerky, so I tried it! It’s Awesome!!! It tastes amazing and the kids even liked it (they like nothing healthy!) This a great healthy snack alternative! They are large, flavorful pieces and taste fresh and delicious.  It’s not too dry, not to salty, not too intense, not too sweet, just perfect! Safe to say I found a new snack. Once you open the bag, you can get a sense of the flavors used. Each bag is stuffed with a generous amount of jerky, and might I say it is easy to chew on! WE LOVE IT!


Country Road Farms (food)

I have never tried any freeze-dried foods until these, but I am so glad that I did! We got ice cream sandwiches, yogurt, frittles, and bananas (all freeze dried of course). They are delicious! Who new you could freeze dry so many things? The boys were very happy to see the ice cream sandwiches and frittles and I was instantly addicted to the yogurt! The first thing I thought was these would be great to take camping with us when we go!  You wouldn’t normally bring yogurt camping because it would spoil not now! These are such a great snack and taste delicious!!


The Crispery!

These Crispys are amazing! We got one with a whole cookie in it. It was delicious. The marshmallow was just the right amount and not over sweet!  They are huge making the price totally worth it!  They are big enough so one was split between my two boys and it was plenty for them.They loved them! The package arrived quickly and without damage and they were nice and fresh like they were made seconds before! I love the crazy flavors they have and can't wait to try more!


The Hawaii Fudge Company!

We received the Fudglette 24 piece box, and we loved it!! The flavors are incredible!! The whole family absolutely loved them and this option is the best way to get the great variety that they offer! You'll get a 24 Piece Fudgelette Variety Box with two bite sized pieces per the following flavors: 

  • Banana Nut Bread

  • Chocolate

  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut

  • Dark Chocolate Strawberry Guava

  • Hapa Brownie-Chocolate Chip Cookie and Brownie Mix

  • Haupia Pie-Coconut Pie With Chocolate Base

  • Hawaiian Wedding Cake-Pineapple Base With Creamy Toasted Coconut

  • Honu (Turtle)-Chocolate Base With Walnuts and Homemade Caramel

  • Lava Flow-Kona Coffee Chocolate Base With Black Cherry & Vanilla (Orange Color) Swirl

  • Liliko'i Cheesecake-Graham Cracker Base With Creamy Passion Fruit Layers

  • Maui Mud Pie-A coffee cookie crust with coffee fudge layer and topped with caramel fudge.

  • POG-Layers Of Passion Fruit, Orange & Guava Fudge


Littles Cuisine!

Sloppy joe- I love sloppy joes but have had  a hard time finding a brand i truly enjoy until now!! This is so easy to use you simply  Add your favorite ground meat and tomato to this balanced blend of Chili-based spices to make a new, flavorful concoction of the old-fashioned Sloppy Joe recipe that the whole family will love!

Taco-We love these spices because  there is NO SUGAR ADDED but also because they are super super tasty! It is the perfect blend of spices for that tasty taco we all love! 

These spice mixes are so easy to use and have a great blend of spices to make the perfect dinner  every night!! They also offer bloody mary mix as well as chili mix!

Screenshot 2021-09-29 8.34.49 AM.png

Ogre Sauce!!

This BBQ-sauce   is absolutely amazing! If you like BBQ you have to try this sauce (and even if you don't try it!) My son who eats nothing but pizza stopped what he was doing and sat down and ate dipping his nuggets into this sauce! The next night I made a roast (using this sauce) in the crock pot  which he never eats! He asked for more!! You can use this sauce on everything. It is not one of those sauces that was just made for one meat!! The best part about this sauce for me….. It's just the right kick (they do offer hot) , it's not overpowering with spice and it doesn't cause stomach pain like most other sauces!  This is hands down my new go to for dipping,marinating and more!!


Peterbrooke Chocolate!!

This amazing company has so much to offer!! They have so many great and unique chocolate products! From pretzels to popcorn and even chocolate covered oreos!! Their packaging came beautifully wrapped and in a sealed cooler box so nothing was melted! They clearly take great pride in their products  from the chocolate itself to the boxes/ bags they come in! I have to say that my favorite is the chocolate covered pretzels. They are addicting!! The chocolate is so smooth and tastes great without being oversweet! I love chocolate and have tried alot in my time but I can say without a doubt Peterbrooke chocolatier has won my heart and favorite spot in their chocolate! I highly suggest tying their great line you won't be sorry! I know I will be ordering more very soon!


Yo Mama's Foods!

Marinara Sauce---  I love the flavor of this sauce! To me a lot of  things that are keto don't taste so yummy but this is perfect you would never know! I have tried multiple different types of marinara sauces and Yo Mama's by far has been the best with all my dishes. The sauce has a great consistency and will add amazing flavor to all meals.When making pizza, chicken parmesan, and any pasta dish Yo Mama's sauce will   make the dish one thousand times better! Finally, a delicious and sugar free marinara sauce that actually tastes great!!


Olde Man Granola!

They have a great array of granola including blueberry almond,chocolate nut, raisin almond, and original nut. What's special is the taste and texture of the oats. The oats are toasted and nutty and have just the right amount of soft crunch, not near as hard as some granolas. But the texture is even better than that. It is a great snack for the whole family. It's great on ice cream with milk or just alone as a snack! I can't wait to try all the flavors! I'm hooked!


Binnies Coconut Butter!

They have multiple different flavors including coffee,vanilla,and just coconut.. I was lucky enough to try “just coconut” and “very vanilla”! They are low carb and high in good fats. These are perfect for hitting those keto macros, but taste like you’re cheating. I ate it with a spoon. It is alsoSooo good on graham crackers or toast!!! Such a nice treat! It is crumbly.When you spread this out, applying pressure makes it go on nicely...the vanilla flavor reminds me of the coconut German chocolate frosting you get - minus the cake! It is such a treat!!! This stuff is soooo amazing.

Screenshot 2021-06-19 4.23.47 PM.png


They have a lot of very tasty flavors including Coconut, Avocado Fried, Raw Cacao and Spicy Chili.  After eating  just 4 or 5 of each flavor (4 flavors) I felt full and was good till my next meal. I Love these nuts. They are high in fat but very filling. I ate just a few nuts a day and they were very satisfying. The bag lasted quite a long time. This is not a snack where you eat the whole bag in one sitting. I kept them close by and whenever I was needing a little pick me up or a snack. I would eat 8-10 nuts and that is all you need. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy snack that actually tastes really yummy!


Mustard And Co.

Mustard-- They Have a fine to slightly coarse texture.  Mostly dark brown in color.  They spread smoothly with a knife!  The flavors are interesting and should be enjoyable to cook with. They include some suggested recipes, too. They have a flavor for everyone with different levels of “spiciness” . They are really tasty and would make perfect little gifts! I love them and they can be used in so many ways! 

Black truffle Marinade--  this is perfect for grilling it is all you will ever need! This one bottle will change your grilling experience forever!  It truly makes anything you cook taste like a top of the line 5 star restaurant meal!  It is very versatile and tastes great on everything I have tried so far!



Hereberts has a huge array of products from dip mixes to hot cocoa, all as great and unique as the next! Not only are their foods great but their mission is amazing! Their mission of hiring those with mental health issues, including vets and those previously incarcerated is honorable!  They also reach out through  Beyond the Fence and help those unable to work due to a mental health struggle. The shipping was fast and everything was sealed and shipped in a great package to assure no breakage! You can really tell  that they take pride in everything that they do! 

JELLIES---  They have a huge variety of flavors of their wine jellies ( non- alcoholic)  including Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon, Raspberry Rose´, Orange Pineapple Chardonnay, and even a few low sugar options! These jellies come in beautiful glass jars and are very well sealed! As soon as you open them you can instantly smell the amazing flavor!! 

PEANUT BUTTERS---  I have been lucky enough to try the banganza Peanut butter spread and the caramel delight!  They are great on their own just eating with a spoon but they are also great at cooking!!! I cooked using peanut butter and they were incredible! I mean what goes better with Herberts Jellies then peanut butter??? Especially a flavored peanut butter!! 

HERBS/ DIPS--- These herbs come in the cutest light bulb shaped container with easy to use directions! Some of the herbs do come in bags but they are very easy to seal and again have very easy use of instructions! 

HOT COCOAS----  The hot cocoas are my favorite!! They have peanut butter hot cocoa which I had never heard of before ( as well as others) . It is as simple as making hot cocoa but the flavor is amazing!!!


Ariston Specialties!

OIL- Fresh and natural-tasting. Love this product. Great on avocados, asparagus, other vegetables enhanced by a pop of lime. My favorite use is on salads I take for lunch. By itself a tasty salad dressing that does not wilt the salad, even several hours after adding. A little goes a long way, which makes this a great buy.This oil is one of the best olive oils we've ever tasted. It has a nice olive taste and can be eaten with just good bread. They also have a great array of oil flavors for every taste bud and flavor pairing! 

VINAGERS-  It is thick, sweet and the best I have ever had. I have tried lots of different kinds and brands over the years but this is the very best. is an excellent vinegar, for dipping sauces, salad dressings, and adding to most anything including a good BBQ Sauce!This is an excellent vinegar with a sweet taste. Goes well with the Ariston Olive Oil over a salad. Highly recommended.

Screenshot 2021-05-26 6.52.41 AM.png


Their chocolate bars are made with simple and fine ingredients, and with Tumbador chocolate.These confections are not only blends of exotic fruits, spices, and herbs, but have all American ingredients like peanuts, crispy rice, and graham crackers included. On the outside of the bars is a very exquisite design, that is very elegant, as are the flavors.The balance of the salt to the chocolate in these bars are a  perfect balance. Brooklyn Born Chocolates was able to create impeccable tasting bars with great flavor combos!  The best part is they don't just have bars, the Peanut butter cups are incredible as well!!! With flavors like holy mole, dark chocolate, mint crunch and even pb&j there is a flavor for everyone! As someone who loves chocolate and trying new bars  I can honestly say this company hands down makes the best bars!

Screenshot 2021-05-26 6.31.36 AM.png

Adams Rib Rubb

Adams Rib Rubb comes in original and spicy bot equally tasty and versatile! Use it for pork chops, beef or pork ribs, and so much more.This rub works great to tenderize meat and add great flavor. I just add chicken and the rub in a ziplock bag to marinate anywhere from an hour to a day. It seems to help prevent it from drying out on the grill. Have also used it on racks of ribs while still using a BBQ sauce with it. Meat just falls off the bones and is very tender.We have tried a lot of different rubs when smoking pork, and this is by far our favorite. Great mix of sweet and spicy. It's my new go-to seasoning for all types of meats, both grilled and roasted.

Screenshot 2021-05-21 1.50.48 PM.png


They have a huge variety of unique flavors like no others including funfetti, strawberry and birthday cake. They also have other great flavors including cheddar and caramel. The package we received was fresh. It was flavorful and aptly coated. All the flavors I tried were great but hte funfetti is amazing and perfect for the kids. It's fun and tasty! The packaging is great and the popcorn is even better! I absolutely love all the flavors and they are at a great price! I highly recommend it!

download (6).jpeg


HONEY---- They are Available in a variety of natural flavours that are gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free. They're all really good, but the maple is my favorite!  The fact that it's in a squeezable tube makes it ideal for travelling, and since it's creamed, it doesn't run all over the place it's so easy to use even the kids can do it and not make a mess. They don't take lots of space,  and are easy to store. I love them and highly recommend them!

Squeezetubes_740x (1).jpg


Easy to do- ok making those perfect shapes is hard. But the dough is really smooth and elastic and puffy. The cinnamon ones are everyone’s favorite.Easy-to-follow directions show you how to twist your very own pretzel. great for movie nights, hanging out watching the big game, or even keeping kids busy when baby-sitting. This soft pretzel mix also makes fabulous pizza dough, soft pretzel dogs, monkey bread, and more. The cinnamon rolls are also very easy to make and they both taste delicious. They are a fun activity to do with the kids or just for some good food!

Screenshot 2021-05-10 6.01.14 PM.png


They offer a great variety all for different situations including focus for kids, calm, and immune. These bars are absolutely amazing! They taste great, not  like other bars. One taste and you won’t be eating any other brands, and they truly work for what they say they will. The FOCUS bar is the best bar I know for the brain. It’s low glycemic, which means no blood sugar spikes or crashes. With everything going on with COVID 19 this bar couldn't have come at a better time. It's my favorite bar from ebars. You feel healthier when you're eating it! They are  all truly amazing and  have great benefits with a great taste!

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If you like beef jerky, even if you're not a beef jerky person, you really should try this. We enjoyed every bag of it, this was really good beef jerky. I have had many types of beef jerky and knowing how healthy this one is and the great taste is amazing!! It’s a great healthy snack in the afternoon and is a perfect portion size for 2. This variety pack has different flavors, they are all really good and completely different. If you have not tried this yet, I suggest that you give it a chance, you will only become addicted to the great taste and look forward to more. This is a great product!!



You could either cut the tip with scissors or we just bit the end to crack it open. I love being able to just use a little bit of honey at once that completely comes out of the tube. No wasting here! Thank you again for these wonderful honey sticks. I LOVE good tea and can't stand the taste of refined sugar in my beverages. Because I have very tight budget constraints, it took a while to find a honey stick I could afford. The idea that this stick is reasonably priced, I am extremely happy with the quality and I will definitely buy this product again. The honey has great flavor and the packaging is perfect. It's so easy to use in tea, of course, but I use it in overnight oats, smoothies, and many recipes including dinners. No more sticky mess and the amount is perfect and it helps keep those calories down. I highly recommend this honey.


Jennifer's Homemade!

The breadsticks are my favorite. They are great for dipping or just eating right out of the box! Every product arrived fresh and crisp. The different flavors  and variety nicely complement different foods. They are very addicting. You can't just eat one, they are the perfect snack, And with their variety of flavors there is something for everyone! I love the breadsticks! They are the perfect balance of crunchy texture, buttery flavor and saltiness. I’ll be ordering them over and over!


Righteous Felon Craft Jerky!

They use pasture-fed beef sourced from the Roseda Black Angus Farm in Maryland, along with meat sourced from an all-natural Iowa farm. 100% antibiotics & growth hormone free beef jerky. I absolutely love the names of the beef jerky.Thankfully it's not super salty, which tends to happen from over-dry jerky (this is more moist).Love the flavor selection, several original tastes for myself and my family and no one had anything bad to say! I LOVED everyone of the sample packets especially the original as it packed just enough punch for your mouth to say “WOW”! Righteous Felon is my go to Jerky...


Wild Goose Coffee!
( Ethiopian Blend)

Wild Goose is an artisan roaster in the southern California town of Redlands. You can take the subtle flavor notes (key lime, strawberry, just a hint of rose) it is truly a great cup of coffee! The beans have a great aroma and the coffee keeps the great aroma even after brewed!  Plus, for every pound of coffee they sell, they send 10 pounds of food to local food banks.


Hudson Henry Granola!

 They have a great variety of flavors! These granolas have a Natural sweet taste. Fresh crunch. No fillers. So, so good. I use it to top my blueberries, vanilla yogurt, organic walnuts and the fresh granola is the delicious topping now. You don't need a lot so it will go a long way. Thanks for the delightful morning crunch Hudson Henry! I look forward to it every morning -- and sometimes as a mid afternoon treat. There is no skimping here. From the quality packaging to the quality of the granola, you won't be disappointed. It has nice big whole oats that don't get soggy in my oatmilk. Very limited ingredients, which is great.


Southern Caramels!

They offer a wide variety of caramels including coffee, lavender tea, lime salted, and chocolate covered strawberry! They are super, super soft with a nice buttery, creamy, caramel flavor and it isn't overly sweet.It is soo soft and doesn't stick to your teeth. You know how there are certain chips, etc. where you can't just eat one? WELL, THIS IS ONE MORE YUMMY TREAT THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP EATING!!!! SOOOOOO......


Screenshot 2021-04-06 5.55.47 PM.png


They come in three flavors Dark Chocolate Dipped, French Vanilla and Original Caramel flavors.These are individually wrapped, which is fantastic. They stay fresh and are transportable great for on the go snacks! I was very pleased with how similar the taste and texture of this gluten free cookie was to the real thing. Great taste and texture. Size of the cookie is good i dont think you'd want it any bigger or smaller. They arrived in excellent condition. It was great to find something this good that was both organic and gluten and soy free. The taste was great and they were soft and moist without doing anything to them. I love them! Truly spectacular gluten free dessert!



This is a Very versatile sauce! It is Delicious, with just the right amount of heat.  you can put it on anything! It has Such a great combination of truly delicious heat and smoke! This sauce is  from Bend Oregon USA, Bend Sauce is made with all organic and natural ingredients, I love  that you can use it as a sauce on tacos or as a marinade for meat! The variety of options for use is incredible and with such a great flavor you would be missing out not trying this great sauce! They are also a small business and nothing is better than supporting local small business!



Boar and Castle comes from a long standing drive-in like restaurant and that's exactly what this sauce reminds me of. Kinda a throwback, kinda unique. It has  such a Great flavor!  And it Can be used with so many different foods! use it on wings, pork chops, roast beef and of course... steak! The bottles Arrived on time and  were perfectly wrapped to prevent breaking! This is a high quality sauce that deserves a try! The recipe is over 100 years old, They are family owned, family made!



LOLLIPOPS--- Yummy! They are quite sweet since I expected them to be barely sweet at all this is a pleasant surprise!. The flavors are delicious and my 5 year old approves, too. They are healthy and I like that they have fiber, keeping me from eating too many. They are Made with a special prebiotic tapioca base for a sugar substitute there is only 5g of tapioca per lollipop and they are GMO- and gluten-free Vegan, kosher, and allergen-friendly! They have such a unique great variety of flavor pineapple-orange, fuji apple, pomegranate-blueberry, and blueberry- lemon. These are the best sugar free lollipops out there! I tried many different ones but they did not have the best ingredients or gave us an upset stomach. These lollipops are tasty, just so yummy, not too sweet just as all of our family members loves.These are great! Flavors are delicious, more tangy than sweet, but definitely not sour. I LOVE that they don't have added sugars or anything artificial. My kids love them, and I can feel good giving them these suckers as a treat. 

DROPS-- They also have mint or lemon drops! The lemon drops have a flavor  that is really nice, not too strong and a good amount of sweetness. The fiber supplement is nice. I love these for the clean ingredients and great taste. Will definitely be getting more. It's hard to believe something this good is sugar free- and organic and sweet and refreshing! The mint drops have a  nice, strong minty flavor! It's the 'clear out your sinuses' kind that leaves you with fresh breath for a while. Love 'em.


Kokada (coconut spread)

They make both original and brownie flavored! They are great on your toast, in your oatmeal, added to your PB&J, with pretzels, or just straight out of the jar. The opportunities are endless! The texture is kind of a hardened paste, and the taste is sweet and pleasant. It is thick, but smears easily on warm bread where it melts like butter. I really like the flavor and texture. Kokada Classic is created using only two organic ingredients: dried coconut and coconut treacle. Both Flavors are amazing and have so many uses!


Hilltop Apiaries!

Whipped Honey--- They have a great array of whipped honeys including strawberry,chocolate,and cinnamon! The texture's pretty fluffy and thick, and it also wasn't too sweet (like in an overpowering way) which can be pretty common with this type of honey. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with it and if you're on the fence, I really do recommend trying it, I'll definitely be buying again. It's great for a spread or in coffee and many more uses! 

Habanero Honey----- This honey Tastes great  and has just the right amount of heat! It is amazing on chicken to make a spicy sticky chicken! My husband uses it on everything to give it that sweet and spicy flavor! 


Rob Beans Roasted by Rob!

These are all Medium Roast, Single Origin, 100% arabica coffee beans! Flavor notes and aroma are exactly what I would expect from a coffee. I get a real zip from this in the morning, a single cup will wake you up just fine.  You get a great value for your money, good quality, and great packaging. The flavor is not too bitter and I can drink it black,Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this product. You can tell that a lot of care and effort went into these beans and roast.


Carmie's Kitchen!

They have a wide variety of dip mixes,spices, cheesecakes mixes and soups! I have tried multiple options and absolutely loved them all!!! They are so easy to use and tell you very clearly what's  inside! The cheeseburger soup mix is my favorite. It is so easy to make and has such a great bold flavor! No matter what I am cooking, Carmies have the perfect mix or spices for me! Their prices are great and the quilty is even better! I am a customer for life, you will never need another brand of spices or dips! ( even cheesecake mix!)

Screenshot 2021-03-26 6.55.11 AM.png


MCHEF offers a great variety of spices and mixes for all types of cooking! I tried the south of france blend It can be used for most types of meat or/and can Use  it as a rub, marinade, dressing, dip or sprinkle seasoning.. It is very low on sodium, filler free, 12 allergens free, GMO free and gluten free. A little goes a long way – this 1.76 oz. a bag can be used to make 20 dishes serving 4 people; you only need a pinch for fantastic flavor! With MCHEFS wide variety this is something for everyone and every dinner! I highly recommend it to everyone!


Stonerigde Foods

Stoneridge offers a great variety of spices and herb mixes! There truly is something for all paletes! All the spices are good and the packaging was better than I expected! They have different mixes for different things like steak chicken ect… and they are all clearly marked with ingredients and ideas of what they can be used for. I really like the variety of flavors they offer! I used steak seasoning last night and was amazed at the flavor!  I have tried soooo many different ones and hands down, this is my favorite.

Screenshot 2021-03-23 6.58.24 AM.png

Hot Monkey Nuts!

They offer a huge variety of flavors and spice levels including...3 alarm garlic parm (hot), blackwidows bite(insane),cinnamonkey spice (mild), curry up I'm on fire( veryhot), and Fromage a trois (medium) plus a few more! These are tasty peanuts. Probably the best combination of flavor and spice that I've found so far!!These nuts are awesome just on their own,  a good kick and flavor. Also not too high in sodium as that's a problem for me. The curry nuts though are hot, good addition to an actual curry that's mild so you only get a heat kick occasionally but be warned when they are hot! ( which to me is a good thing). Each degree of hotness was as advertised. The very hot was very hot which in my experience is not always the case. Flavor was good and I mean come on with a name like hot monkey nuts they had me sold! Highly recommend!


Tree Of Life Maple Farm

SYRUP-- They have both an original and a vanilla syrup. The maple syrup is delicious and I love the bottles! I am from New England so maple plays a big part in my house. This syrup is very top grade and it is so delicious. It tastes like real genuine syrup! without being cloyingly sweet. It is the PERFECT compliment to your pancakes, or waffles, etc.Looking at the bottle alone I knew I was in for a real treat. I cracked the bottle open and the fresh aroma of the sweet sap filled my nose. The smell alone was intoxicating. It was rich and sweet and had the smell of real syrup. When I poured this over my flapjacks I enjoyed it visually as the syrup ran slowly over every crevice of the soft warm flap jacks. Then the first bite, the first bite is the closest I will ever be to heaven. I would recommend everyone to try this. 

SUGAR---Maple sugar from Tree of Life Maple Farm in Maine is a pantry staple! We've tried other brands, but according to my 5-year old son, “nothing else compares to the fine maple goodness that Tree of Life produces”. This sugar has so many wonderful uses. It is great on yogurt or morning oatmeal, even in cooking! Love it so much!! Thank you Tree of Life!!!

Screenshot 2021-03-22 3.54.15 PM.png

Sister Bees
(honey mustard set)

 we got two different plain honey mustard and a pepper honey mustard. I prefer the plain. I tried it with some pretzels and it was amazing! It is made with all real honey and you can taste the flavor! They have a few different flavors so this is something for everyone. I truly loved mine and will definitely be ordering more soon! We use it on everything as a dip spread or even a rub on meat!



 Functional Chocolate Company bars are made with Fair Trade 60% cacao from a cooperative of South American farmers. Crafted in the USA, these bars are 100% plant based, vegan, dairy-free, Non-GMO, cholesterol and gluten-free. My favorite was the Mellow Mint Truffle Bar formulated for stress & anxiety. It really hit the spot after a really stressful week. They offer different flavors for different “issues” like stress, pms and more! The bars are very tasty and the stress bar really did help. I am a mom of two and have yet to find a calming product that actually helps me to calm down, however these chocolate bars are amazing and do just that! I mean I get to eat tasty chocolate and have it help me it's a win win for me!!

Screenshot 2021-03-19 9.53.10 AM.png

Nates more better hot sauce!

It is a Habanero Guava flavor that is truly amazing! It has a sweet heat, with a little extra heat. Made for those who thoroughly enjoy hot sauce. It is perfect on all types of foods! If you like sweet hot sauce...look no more,this is it! I was a little thrown off by the Guava idea but honestly it is perfect and hands down the best hot sauce around!

Screenshot 2021-03-20 2.15.29 PM.png

Umchu Bars

These bars are so good, I like the one with coconut the best!  I love the minimal natural ingredients and the taste of these bars will make you feel like you ate dessert without the guilt and the kids like them and I don't feel bad giving them to them! These are delicious, simple, and awesome. Love these! I Highly recommend Them! They have a variety of flavors Peanut Sea Salt - Almond Coconut - Primitive PB&J - Coconut Cocoa Nibs - Seeds & Seeds


Shotwell Candy!

Caramels--- They are Delicious. Some of the very best Carmel’s I’ve ever eaten. I highly suggest their sea salt Carmel’s! It’s the perfect combo of silky sweet (not overly sticky either) with larger chunky flakes of sea salt. They have a great variety of flavors all as good! I am obsessed with candy. I love finding that new thing. I don't think I could ever give this carmel up for another carmel. This is so flipping decadent, the mouth feel is silky and buttery. Also, the caramels arrived in perfect condition.Same care is reflected in quality packaging and presentation which were on par with the package's contents. I wouldn't change a thing.

Toffee--- Really great toffee i am not much of a toffee eater but this is a  very generous thick size and not as sweet as expected - which was really good in this case! Delicious and fresh and crunchy with a nice layer of chocolate! It is also a great gift item. It's tasty and looks great!  highly recommend either type. The toffee is just amazing!


Candy People!

These candies are truly amazing! They offer such a great variety of candy and even sugar free! All these candies are non gmo,have no artificial colors,no added hfcs, and are Trans fat free! You would never know they were sugar free and vegan. They are just as good (in my opinion better) tasting than “regular” gummies! Most of them are Sweet but not fake sweet. The sour Options are definitely sour but the flavors are delicious and unique.the texture is that perfect blend of soft and squishy.They Look exactly like pictured.  The Bags are very full and cute/fun. They taste good and are all natural, had no problems with shipping and it arrived early. You will not be disappointed with these delicious candies!


The dressing  I used was the Sicilian Sauce, and it is the most delicious sauce for a dressing. I used it to Pour over pasta, it just got soaked right in, leaving a delicious taste, and as far as the veggies, it stayed on top, glazing them beautifully. The Sicilian sauce is very versatile and can be used on pasta, as a dressing, as a marinade, so many ways. They also have delicious rubs, mixes and a sauce perfect for use the next time you cook. They have a chicken and poultry rub (“Grandma’s Rub”), a fish seasoning (“Grandma’s Fish Sprinkle”), an “Herbal Dip & Spread” and a “Garlic Bread Mix”.  I have tried the garlic bread mix and it was the best mix i have used and made the best outcome! The variety of mixes are great and for such a great price!

Screenshot 2021-03-19 9.16.41 AM.png

The spicy shark sauces!

 They all have a really nice flavor profile that doesn't get overwhelmed by spiciness and goes well with a lot of things. They have such a great variety of flavors including original habanero, hot blueberry syrup, the megalodon (carolina reaper), and sriracha which I got to try them all!  Most hot sauces are  one of two things: Hot or tasty. This hot sauce is freaking delicious and hot! Easily some of the best hot sauces I've bought in a long time. They are all a little different to fit the likes of everyone so there truly is a sauce for all taste buds! They also use  ingredients that are sourced from the USA and Organic whenever possible.They also truly believe in saving the sharks so it's a great line of sauces with a great cause! I'm hooked!


Bequet Confections!

Bequet is the creamiest, melt-in-your-mouth caramel we've ever tasted. These are the most wonderfully soft, rich, buttery caramels ever, and the added deliciousness of the flavores is amazing! Flavors include classic,green apple,chocolate,and butterscotch and more! For people who know real food when they eat it, this is for you. They don't stick to your teeth. If you are looking for a gift for a candy person or someone who likes sweets, they will love you if you give them this.They almost melt in your mouth. If you try them you will not be disappointed.


Audrey’s Chia Cookies

These chia cookies are absolutely amazing! Chocolate chips are my favorite! I also have  tried  almond and Lemon which are all great! Now I don't feel guilty chowing down on cookies.. Because I am also getting good nutritious Chia.They are a nice little treat for your daily diet. My kids even like them and they don't have to know their healthy. They think they're a treat! I absolutely love that they are a healthy cookie that actually tastes great!  They are a great way  to fuel the body and satisfy cravings for a sweet, indulgent treat. Thanks audreys chia cookies!



SO ADDICTING! They have four different flavors and all are equally delicious! I was thrilled to have a snack similar to cheese nips. I love them.They have a very pleasant texture & mouth-feel as well as taste! Love that the ingredient list is so curated and I don’t feel too guilty eating a whole bag - which you probably will do because they are delicious. I also love that I can share these with my friends who have food allergies, without worrying.They're so good and very addictive they make a great healthy snack for the kids without them knowing they are a better alternative. I will definitely buy these snacks again!

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 6.31.08 AM.png

Salut Love Elixir Infusion Kit!

This is a kit to make Plant-based Infusions for Better Cocktails and Mocktails and more! This kit comes with everything that you need ( except the liquid you choose) it is very simple to use and has very easy to follow directions. It has all natural ingredients that you can literally see in the bottle, for a healthy alternative. You can make water, spirits cocktails and even wine! One kit can make up to 10 drinks!  You only need to infuse for 1-5 days depending on how strong you like the flavor. I made a simple water infusion and thought it was perfect on day 3! It has such a great natural “flavored water” taste I am forever a customer, you will not find anything as good!


Sweetsmith Candy Co.

These varieties are the most unique I have ever seen. I love the flavors! We got  the following flavors

“candy cane chocolaty peanut brittle” ------ this  is a peanut brittle with a good size layer of chocolate and crushed candy canes over the top! It has just the right amount of crunch without being too hard! The flavor is amazing and perfect for this time of year! I love peppermint and think the amount of flavor is just right! The bar is a great size. It's 2oz. It would make a great stocking stuffer or just a great holiday treat! Hands down my favorite one! 

 “cookies n cream crunch candy bar”  this bar is my husbands favorite he loves anything and everything cookies and cream! This bar has a chocolate layer then a white layer with of course cookies crumbled on top! This bar is sugar free although you can't tell the difference it still tastes amazing! We got a 1 0z bar which my husband ate very fast. This bar is crunchy but still very eatable without breaking your teeth like some brittle!

“birthday cake brittle”  this bar is called birthday cake I call it for chocolate lovers! ( which i am!) It has chocolate with more chocolate then sprinkles! This is one of the prettiest bars! As on all the bars the packing is just as stunning as the bar but something about the birthday cake brittle really makes me smile. I love the bright colors and fun of it! Takes great as always and the perfect amount of crunch and flavor! 

“Strawberry shortcake brittle”   I was very hesitant about this bar and got it just to try something crazy( to me) and new! This bar has a vanilla brittle,white chocolate topping and real (dehydrated) strawberries on top! It was amazing! It melted in my mouth! The strawberry flavor was actually really noticeable and the texture was amazing! Personally i think crushing the strawberries a little more would be better but that's definitely not a biggie as you can crumble them more yourself if you like them that way! This bar really reminded me of my gram and her strawberry cakes she makes every year for her birthday. 

Sweetsmith candy co truly has a spot in my heart and home! The variety is truly amazing and the price is well worth it! I look forward to trying more flavors and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE BUY SOME FOR YOU AND SOME FOR EVERYONE YOU KNOW! YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED!



These just arrived this morning. My 4 year old opened the box with me and was so excited that he wanted one before breakfast, which I guess is good for cleaning his mouth from the overnight sleep and bad breath! He chose the pineapple lollipop and said “yummy! Mommy, this tastes like pineapple”! The package came with 26 lollipops, all intact, which is great because these kinds of things can break very easily in the mail. These are tasty little treats that you’d never guess are sweetened with sugar alternatives. I like that they’re made of natural, health promoting ingredients rather than the decay causing sugars and questionable artificial colors etc found in most other candies. Such a great idea and healthy alternative! They also have a great line of products like pops caramels and more!

Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 11.51.35 AM.png


These bars have a good snap, and they melt well in your mouth! I Love very dark chocolate, and have had very dark chocolate from many companies, and this is the best of them all. The combination of chocolate, flavores, sweetness, consistency, and mouth feel are unmatched.If you want to cut sugar from your diet these are the way to go! The coconut vanilla dessert is my favorite. It has real coconut and tastes Amazing! You are so helping a sustainable farm that provides jobs for a local community, as well as keeping the environment healthy. I fell in love with these bars. They are the perfect balance for chocolate and not too sweet! I highly recommend them!




This was so much fun this is our second box as we had  the halloween box  but i will say we enjoyed this one better the pretzel turkeys were super fun to make and as always we put our own spin on them! I love that everything came premade and we just gotta have fun! There were three different activities. The turkey pretzel, the cookies, and the acorn corn kisses as always we had fun making them our own and making a mess! Thanks again for the memories gramma in a box!  You can get 13 boxes( december and all of 2021)  and 20% off for only 230$ use code BLACK2020 at check out on november 27th!



We got a variety of colors and chocolates and we were so pleased! No double boiler or thermometer needed. Just 50% power on the microwave and stir every 30 seconds. Merckens chocolates and Candy is great! I needed chocolate for making cake pops and these worked great!  Well Merckens actually melts real easy and has a nice liquidy flow to it! easy to cover my cake pops and sets up wonderfully! So impressed with this candy that I won't try any other! The taste is hands down so much better than others I have tried.It stuck to the foods in just the right amount of thickness. The best part is No waxy taste!



I like Fried Chicken. No sorry, I LOVE Fried Chicken. I've been literally waiting for someone to do this. These brought back so many memories my father and I used to go to restaurants and always said we wish we could just buy a bucket of the skins, now we can buy bags of them! Just crispy enough to satisfy that crunch craving. These are delicious! I'm totally addicted. I've always loved salty, crispy, crunchy snacks like potato chips and tortilla chips and now I have a healthier alternative! I like how a serving size is the entire bag. LOL. Although the packaging says you can heat them in the microwave, they are fabulous right out of the bag. They are also seasoned perfectly, not too salty, with just the right degree of crispness that won't cause you to break a tooth eating them. They have many different flavors and I have yet to find one I don't like! Great job CHICKNSKIN!



We had the pleasure of trying the sweet and sour italian and the poppy seed. We used the sweet and sour italian sauce in the crock pot on chicken and we loved it! It has such a great flavor! These sauces are great for so many different uses and with such great natural ingredients what's not to love!



Endorfin Foods


These low glycemic herb and spice infused chocolates are made without any dairy, soy or refined sugars and still taste amazing better than any chocolate i've ever tried! Endorfin uses Fair-Trade heirloom, unroasted single source cacao and organic herbs to create exotic flavors like Turkish Coffee, Red Walnut, Absinthe, and Mr. Pink (pink peppercorn crumbles with Peruvian pink salt!!!). Why I love these chocolate bars  are they are Silky, with a  melt in your mouth texture they have a Delicious and exotic flavor profiles (many of which are limited editions and made only for subscribers) and their Sweet without a sugar rush and crash!Aside from all the yum factors, I’m impressed with Endorfin’s commitment to the environment. They use 100% compostable biofilms to wrap their bars! They have so many delicious flavors. The vanilla bean is my favorite!


PURE Sugar Candy!

The First thing that my son said when we got this package of delicious candy was mom “we can't eat this glass and it's too pretty to eat!” The sugar work is incredible; it truly looks like a piece of art! There are so many flavors my son was very excited to get root beer sugar cubes! The shapes are incredible and there truly is something for every one the company sent my son a lobster pop he loves anything sea animals it truly made his day! Lets not forget this is handmade sugar shapes! I am truly blown away and they are the perfect size for craving that sweet tooth without going overboard or a small but great yummy treat for the little ones! These are great for gifts or just to have around the house the prices are the best and the flavors and sugar work are unbeatable! I am a customer for life!


Sunrise Dried fruit!

These are really good! They are real fruit with no added sugar or any other junk for that matter and they still taste delicious which is hard to find! They are nice big pieces of fruit! My favorite was the cherries. They were tart cherries and big pieces. I loved them! All the fruit has a  superb taste and texture. They are great in salads and make a healthy snack with nuts or alone! They are well packaged and keep nicely in the refrigerator.

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 2.21.28 PM.png

Pizootz Peanuts!

The flavor is incredible as is the quality of the peanuts themselves! There are so many flavors to try! I love the variety. I haven't found one that i don't like! The flavor is more on the subtle side but there's still a little spicy after-taste. The flavors are infused so your hands won't get messy. they are addicting. I love the fact they have flavor without all the dust on them. Some of the flavors they offer are new york dill pickle, Blazin buffalo, habanero, seasalt, and so many more! They are packaged in awesome looking bags that are resalable altho i can say I have a hard time not eating the whole bag! These are great snacks and with no mess great for on the go!


Matt-Hatt Jerky


This may be the best jerky I have ever had and I am always looking for jerky. It is moist which I was concerned about but it's not WET like some.The flavors were perfect, as was the texture; they have a lot of different flavors!Most AMAZING beef jerky I’ve ever had! DELICIOUS 😋 HEALTHY, no junk in it, and I’ve had the KETO too......SO tender and SO much flavor! Great customer service and I received it fast!There’s nothing else on the market that can hold a candle to this jerky. It’s soft but not sticky, perfect texture, and the taste is unbeatable. Do yourself a favor and order several bags at once so you don’t have to wait til more comes in the mail!

download (1).jpeg


These have the best  taste over all  sauces.the ghost is my favorite It's hotter than any of these, and has a much better taste. None of these are bad! All of their sauces taste fresh and don't have the metallic taste that a lot of sauces have that use synthetic stuff. It's because they use real ingredients. You actually see little slivers of carrots and seeds in your sauce. That's how it should be. I'd recommend this set to anyone who loves fresh and clean tasting hot sauces.A good section of different varieties, from super spicy to mild taste. They even have flavored banana chips. They are incredible!  They have so many different flavors if you are looking for any kind of sauces or condiments I highly suggest looking at melindas!


Ellas Flats

These are deliciously nutty crackers that are perfect for those on a low carb eating regimen. My favorites are the Caraways, but they are all very tasty. Great with cheese, crumbled on salads and yogurt or just plain as a snack! Love them so much, I ordered another variety pack! These are a great replacement for chips when you are craving that crunchy snack! Amazing healthy crunchy snack and base for all kinds of toppings.

download (5).webp


Violet candies and guava gum

Violet candies- After trying one I was hooked. They give you a sense of relaxation. It is hard not to eat the entire pack. After trying one . It has that unique, floral, slightly bitter flavor that is often a love/hate thing. I love it! They come in a pretty violet colored bag and are truly addicting! 

Guava gum-  I love guava. How to express the delightful island flavor of these little guys? Imagine a smartie candy with a really intense, grown up, guava flavor (think pineapple, strawberry and pear- all mixed up together)- and then imagine that smarty is really large- that's this candy. I like these. My kids like these. If you like guava try these! You won't be sorry


Chipurnoi Candy

The candy arrived on time and in perfect condition.They make an excellent in-between meal treat and I have tossed some into my purse and car for later. The varied wrapped candies look great in all types of candy dishes for any occasion.My favorite is the fruit n berry selection but all the flavors i have tried are good too. Love the colorful wrappers I like the size of the candy. This candy is adorably wrapped and perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth at any given moment and they have a huge variety of flavors! 

PUNTINI---- a gourmet jujube used for dry mouth too

CHIPS STEVIA ----line for Keto etc..

GLITTERATI ---- hard mini deluxe candy.

CHIPS -----THROAT SOOTHING..dry mouth etc


Simpson & Vail tea


They have a great selection of tea,This tea is delightful! Just the right thing to take the stress away after a long day. I'll be buying this again and again and again.there are so many different flavors there is something for everyone! My favorite kind that I got was candy cane from their holiday selection. It was truly delicious. It is great for a calm down alone time! The customer service is amazing, everyone was so kind and nice, they sent me a few samples and I was so happy to see that the packages are  very nicely designed and have a closure so you can keep it fresh! This is a very high quality tea with great flavors, variety and a great price! Not to mention they have so many other products also like coffee and snacks!


Me and the Bees lemonade! 

This is hands down the best Lemonade i have ever had! I tried different flavors, classic.prickly pear, ginger, ice tea( my favorite) and mint! This is a great healthy drink for all ages. The flavors are noticeable but not too powerful and not too sweet! My husband loved them! Such a great price, product, and such a great cause! It's all natural and I don't feel guilty giving it to my little ones! Everyone in my family loved them and with so many flavors there is truly something for everyone! 

Me & the Bees is a ready to drink, shelf stable, better-for-you lemonade that offers:  

1. Less Sugar than current lemonade brands on the market with ONLY 14 grams of sugar/serving 

2. Functional Attributes: Flaxseed (Omega-3’s), Grade A USA Honey (natural antioxidant) and Ginger (digestive health) 

3. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives 

4. Non-GMO & Kosher sugar, Organic Ginger, fair trade tea and organic Prickly Pear 

5. 100% Sustainable Glass Bottles - doesn’t contribute to ocean plastics 

6. Family-Owned: Certified minority owned business 

7. Investment winner on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank


Kings cupboard Sauces!

Packed in boxes very well. No broken jars, good quality.I use this stuff to dip apple slices in, and it is wonderful.they have chocolate and caramel sauce both equally delicious for ice cream fruit and so much more I like eating it right out of the jar. I eat a spoonful now and then for my chocolate fix❤️😊❤️! This set of toppings is truly unrivaled. The flavor is unbeatable!  These are certified organic dessert sauces and use Non-GMO ingredients!

Screenshot 2020-11-07 at 3.32.12 PM.png

Gramma in a box

Sayben is almost 5 and quickly learning the ins and outs of the kitchen, but guys I am still a paranoid Mom. I am always nervous for him. When we got the opportunity to review Gramma in a Box I was really excited because I quickly learned that pretty much everything was done for us and all we had to do was have the fun. Making memories with our boys and adding my love of all things cooking made Gramma in a Box the perfect review for us. I will be totally honest in saying that we spread everything out on the wax paper on our living room floor and had a blast. I am quickly learning with projects just like this that not everything has to be perfect or even done in the “right” place but making memories, taking pictures and having fun are just some of the bonus perks of being a mom! we got the halloween box and got to decorate cookies. sayben had so much fun with the icing bags and actually did really well with those. We typically don’t use bags for icing when decorating cookies, but now I see how much fun he had with it and I want to incorporate this in our future baking advetures.
Thanks gramma in a box! I highly recommend using this subscription! I know i will continue!  


Molly and you!

Molly and you

The products are phenomenal and Molly and the employees are top notch! Pleasant, friendly and definitely knowledgeable and accommodating!eThe first thing we made was the Cake Celebration. My sons loved the flavor and  They were so easy to make! And a great price!aThese  products are amazing, delicious, and easy! Everytime I have made it , it turns out delicious! It. Amazing to see such a great girl powered business, products and packaging along with the most customer centric team. Everyone in my family loved them and I will definitely be getting more! Great tastes, fast, easy, what's not to love! As a mom I search for products like this and am so happy to find Molly and you!



Wow! These whole roasted fava beans are way better than any of the other beans snacks I have tried. I have tried roasted chickpeas and roasted broad bean chips and I found that Nuttee Beans Whole Roasted fava Beans have the perfect texture and crunch that I was looking for. They are perfectly seasoned with the Salt & Vinegar being spot on for my taste. In addition, they gave me some sample packs of The Spicy with just enough pep as I am not too spicy of a person. The Wasabi and Ginger just filled my mouth with the right flavors and gave me that familiar zing I look for with the hint of ginger to go with that zing.. There is a lot of protein 14 gm. per 2 oz. package and 16 gm. Of fiber. Plus! they are completely non-allergenic, gluten free and the tastiest, healthiest new snack I have tried in a long time. If you can find their coupon code or see if cool beans still work so you can buy a box of 12 and get another box of 12 free. Stay lean with beans. They are fava-licious.



Paleonola has turned into my absolute favorite granola..It's not terribly sweet and I think it has the perfect crunchy texture without being dry or too crumbly. I'll use it as an extra crunch in a bowl of cereal or on top of ice cream or yogurt, as a crumble topping on fruit. You get the idea. It goes on everything or nothing at all. It's great for a healthy snack!! Absolutely the BEST "Granola" I have EVER experienced. All the flavors are Fantastic!

And the texture is very pleasing. Y U M 😃