Austin Chili Crisp

This chili crisp is incredible. Austin chili crisp is a bit more of a Mexican-style crisp. It has a lot of smoky chipotle flavor to it, so it's perfect for meats, tacos, and a wide range of dishes!  It also is great as a dry rub for meats, as a topping for bland dishes, and more If you like chili crisps, this is one of the best. Just know that it's Mexican-style, so it has distinctive smoky pepper flavors. But it's absolutely delicious and I've been able to use it in so many different ways.


Just the fun part

These are the best! I love ice cream cones with the bottoms like these mainly for the bottom part (the fun part). When we got these the boy’s eyes lit right up, they instantly had to have one. They are just the right size and with milk chocolate or dark chocolate options we all picked our favorites and enjoyed! These taste better in my opinion then most bottoms of cones and you don’t have to wait to get to this part! These are so good! You get the tasty chocolate in the middle but that yummy flaky cone wrapped around it. We love these snacks so much! Packaging and delivery time is amazing. We first worried about whether the cone shells could be damaged due to transportation, but it came all fine! They are delicious, and fun snacks for the whole family! Do your belly a favor and get yourself some of these!


baratti and milano

Well, this chocolate will spoil you better than anything else. Unlike American chocolate, which is overly-sugared and granular, this chocolate is perfectly smooth on the tongue, with just enough sweetness to let the rich chocolate flavors come through.  The variety in this package is especially good, with something for everyone we got the historical café’ box which will include two of the most famous and sought out chocolates hands down the best chocolate!


Nectar Of The Vine!

These mixes are tasty!! You can mix them with alcohol or just ice! I mixed the strawberry with ice and made smoothies for the boys and they loved them (so did I 😊) they offer multiple flavors including Berry Wine Frappés, Citrus Wine Frappés, Frozen Wine Frappés, Fruity Wine Frappés, and Seasonal Favorites! They are so easy to use you simply choose your mix, add your choice of liquor, wine or just ice, and mix them! We love these yummy mixes! They also have nuts too like Kettle Roasted Almonds, Kettle Roasted Cashews  ,and Kettle Roasted Pecans!


Santa Barbara Soups

This mix is so easy to use and comes with A mixture of beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, and spices to make this a perfect standalone chili or you could add your favorite protein. I added Hamburg! It is so easy for us . . I simply dumped it into the crock pot, added 4 ½ cups of water and let it cook! It was absolutely delicious and perfect for a cold day here in Vermont! My husband was very happy to come home to some delicious Chili we all loved it! They  offer Vegetable Bean Chili, Coconut Lentil Curry, Corn Chowder, Moroccan Quinoa, Quinoa Enchilada Casserole, and Rice Pudding.


Vena's Fizz House!!

I am in love with their spirit infusions.  Each pre-packaged jar comes filled with freeze dried fruits, herbs, and bitter infused sugar cubes that you mix with alcohol and then enjoy! They come in a beautiful glass jar and look great! They would make perfect gifts or just for something special for yourself! They are so easy to use and taste great!!  We filled up each infusion with alcohol and left them to infuse for only a few days and they were already very flavor full (leave longer or less depending on your taste) defiantly my new go too infusers!


Country Road Farms (food)

I have never tried any freeze-dried foods until these, but I am so glad that I did! We got ice cream sandwiches, yogurt, frittles, and bananas (all freeze dried of course). They are delicious! Who new you could freeze dry so many things? The boys were very happy to see the ice cream sandwiches and frittles and I was instantly addicted to the yogurt! The first thing I thought was these would be great to take camping with us when we go!  You wouldn’t normally bring yogurt camping because it would spoil not now! These are such a great snack and taste delicious!!


Ogre Sauce!!

This BBQ-sauce   is absolutely amazing! If you like BBQ you have to try this sauce (and even if you don't try it!) My son who eats nothing but pizza stopped what he was doing and sat down and ate dipping his nuggets into this sauce! The next night I made a roast (using this sauce) in the crock pot  which he never eats! He asked for more!! You can use this sauce on everything. It is not one of those sauces that was just made for one meat!! The best part about this sauce for me….. It's just the right kick (they do offer hot) , it's not overpowering with spice and it doesn't cause stomach pain like most other sauces!  This is hands down my new go to for dipping,marinating and more!!


Peterbrooke Chocolate!!

This amazing company has so much to offer!! They have so many great and unique chocolate products! From pretzels to popcorn and even chocolate covered oreos!! Their packaging came beautifully wrapped and in a sealed cooler box so nothing was melted! They clearly take great pride in their products  from the chocolate itself to the boxes/ bags they come in! I have to say that my favorite is the chocolate covered pretzels. They are addicting!! The chocolate is so smooth and tastes great without being oversweet! I love chocolate and have tried alot in my time but I can say without a doubt Peterbrooke chocolatier has won my heart and favorite spot in their chocolate! I highly suggest tying their great line you won't be sorry! I know I will be ordering more very soon!



Hereberts has a huge array of products from dip mixes to hot cocoa, all as great and unique as the next! Not only are their foods great but their mission is amazing! Their mission of hiring those with mental health issues, including vets and those previously incarcerated is honorable!  They also reach out through  Beyond the Fence and help those unable to work due to a mental health struggle. The shipping was fast and everything was sealed and shipped in a great package to assure no breakage! You can really tell  that they take pride in everything that they do! 

JELLIES---  They have a huge variety of flavors of their wine jellies ( non- alcoholic)  including Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon, Raspberry Rose´, Orange Pineapple Chardonnay, and even a few low sugar options! These jellies come in beautiful glass jars and are very well sealed! As soon as you open them you can instantly smell the amazing flavor!! 

PEANUT BUTTERS---  I have been lucky enough to try the banganza Peanut butter spread and the caramel delight!  They are great on their own just eating with a spoon but they are also great at cooking!!! I cooked using peanut butter and they were incredible! I mean what goes better with Herberts Jellies then peanut butter??? Especially a flavored peanut butter!! 

HERBS/ DIPS--- These herbs come in the cutest light bulb shaped container with easy to use directions! Some of the herbs do come in bags but they are very easy to seal and again have very easy use of instructions! 

HOT COCOAS----  The hot cocoas are my favorite!! They have peanut butter hot cocoa which I had never heard of before ( as well as others) . It is as simple as making hot cocoa but the flavor is amazing!!!


Tree Of Life Maple Farm

SYRUP-- They have both an original and a vanilla syrup. The maple syrup is delicious and I love the bottles! I am from New England so maple plays a big part in my house. This syrup is very top grade and it is so delicious. It tastes like real genuine syrup! without being cloyingly sweet. It is the PERFECT compliment to your pancakes, or waffles, etc.Looking at the bottle alone I knew I was in for a real treat. I cracked the bottle open and the fresh aroma of the sweet sap filled my nose. The smell alone was intoxicating. It was rich and sweet and had the smell of real syrup. When I poured this over my flapjacks I enjoyed it visually as the syrup ran slowly over every crevice of the soft warm flap jacks. Then the first bite, the first bite is the closest I will ever be to heaven. I would recommend everyone to try this. 

SUGAR---Maple sugar from Tree of Life Maple Farm in Maine is a pantry staple! We've tried other brands, but according to my 5-year old son, “nothing else compares to the fine maple goodness that Tree of Life produces”. This sugar has so many wonderful uses. It is great on yogurt or morning oatmeal, even in cooking! Love it so much!! Thank you Tree of Life!!!

Screenshot 2021-03-22 3.54.15 PM.png

Candy People!

These candies are truly amazing! They offer such a great variety of candy and even sugar free! All these candies are non gmo,have no artificial colors,no added hfcs, and are Trans fat free! You would never know they were sugar free and vegan. They are just as good (in my opinion better) tasting than “regular” gummies! Most of them are Sweet but not fake sweet. The sour Options are definitely sour but the flavors are delicious and unique.the texture is that perfect blend of soft and squishy.They Look exactly like pictured.  The Bags are very full and cute/fun. They taste good and are all natural, had no problems with shipping and it arrived early. You will not be disappointed with these delicious candies!

PURE Sugar Candy!

The First thing that my son said when we got this package of delicious candy was mom “we can't eat this glass and it's too pretty to eat!” The sugar work is incredible; it truly looks like a piece of art! There are so many flavors my son was very excited to get root beer sugar cubes! The shapes are incredible and there truly is something for every one the company sent my son a lobster pop he loves anything sea animals it truly made his day! Lets not forget this is handmade sugar shapes! I am truly blown away and they are the perfect size for craving that sweet tooth without going overboard or a small but great yummy treat for the little ones! These are great for gifts or just to have around the house the prices are the best and the flavors and sugar work are unbeatable! I am a customer for life!


Pizootz Peanuts!

The flavor is incredible as is the quality of the peanuts themselves! There are so many flavors to try! I love the variety. I haven't found one that i don't like! The flavor is more on the subtle side but there's still a little spicy after-taste. The flavors are infused so your hands won't get messy. they are addicting. I love the fact they have flavor without all the dust on them. Some of the flavors they offer are new york dill pickle, Blazin buffalo, habanero, seasalt, and so many more! They are packaged in awesome looking bags that are resalable altho i can say I have a hard time not eating the whole bag! These are great snacks and with no mess great for on the go!



These have the best  taste over all  sauces.the ghost is my favorite It's hotter than any of these, and has a much better taste. None of these are bad! All of their sauces taste fresh and don't have the metallic taste that a lot of sauces have that use synthetic stuff. It's because they use real ingredients. You actually see little slivers of carrots and seeds in your sauce. That's how it should be. I'd recommend this set to anyone who loves fresh and clean tasting hot sauces.A good section of different varieties, from super spicy to mild taste. They even have flavored banana chips. They are incredible!  They have so many different flavors if you are looking for any kind of sauces or condiments I highly suggest looking at melindas!


Me and the Bees lemonade! 

This is hands down the best Lemonade i have ever had! I tried different flavors, classic.prickly pear, ginger, ice tea( my favorite) and mint! This is a great healthy drink for all ages. The flavors are noticeable but not too powerful and not too sweet! My husband loved them! Such a great price, product, and such a great cause! It's all natural and I don't feel guilty giving it to my little ones! Everyone in my family loved them and with so many flavors there is truly something for everyone! 

Me & the Bees is a ready to drink, shelf stable, better-for-you lemonade that offers:  

1. Less Sugar than current lemonade brands on the market with ONLY 14 grams of sugar/serving 

2. Functional Attributes: Flaxseed (Omega-3’s), Grade A USA Honey (natural antioxidant) and Ginger (digestive health) 

3. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives 

4. Non-GMO & Kosher sugar, Organic Ginger, fair trade tea and organic Prickly Pear 

5. 100% Sustainable Glass Bottles - doesn’t contribute to ocean plastics 

6. Family-Owned: Certified minority owned business 

7. Investment winner on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank